Frequently Asked Questions


Burco is our array of technologies in-house. We are not limited to any certain industry. We have customers from medical, agriculture, electronics to consumer goods. With over 1600 customers and many years in business, we have touched on almost every industry.

 01  What type of services do we offer?

We offer a wide array of services and cost effective solutions for your project. Prototyping, design,  tooling, 

 02  How long does it take to finish my parts?

Each project has its own specific challenges to overcome in terms of design aesthetics, technical requirements and performance of the materials. The more accurate you can be with your product and its requirements will reduce the time spent developing your ideas and reduce your design costs. We use the latest CAD packages to produce the designs.  We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you and guide you to the correct product. 

 03  Why choose Burco?

​We have over 40 years of plastic injection experience. We provide high quality customer service and on-time delivery.  Our facility has 22 plastic injection molding presses with tonnage ranging from 60T to 950T. Onsite tool room with wide array of capabilities to help your project run smoothly. We are ISO certified 9001:2015  with ability to achieve high volume production. And because we operate 24/7 helping you meet your production goals.

 04  What file formats do we need for moldmaking?

We work with SolidWorks and Pro-E files along with STEP and IGES files.  We can also work with a sketch

or 3D CAD file.


05  How many parts can we produce?


This all depends on the material and the complexity of the mold. We have produced 300,000+ parts off of a single cavity tool. 

 06  What are our press capabilities?

The tonnage of our presses range from 60 to 950. We use color loading- Using at the press Maguire Auger loaders. We have advance overhead crane system with up to 10 ton weight capacity. We work with hot & cold runners, thermolaters, chillers, hydraulic core pulls.

 07  What materials can we shoot on our injection molding presses?

We can use varieties of materials in our injection molding presses to create virtually endless parts. Materials we run are: Polycarbonate, Nylon, Glass-filled Nylon, Acetyl, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, HDPE, LDPE, ULTEM, PEEK, ABS, Polysulfone, and more.

 08  What other secondary operation do we offer?

We offer part assembly, custom packaging, hot stamping and sonic welding.

 09  What other factors should you consider while comparing to other plastic injection molders?

Our facility includes an onsite tool room allowing us the ability to modify and maintain molds more cost effectively. Other types of work we offer: milling, turning, welding, drilling, tapping, coating and heat treating capabilities.  Our shipping and receiving areas include two sunken docks, two ground level docks and 3 drop trailer sites.  We also offer delivery via our truck within 50 miles.



 10  What are our quality goals?

We always strive to comply with our ISO 9000 Quality certification. Whether it's a million parts per year or a thousand, the main goal of our trained personnel is to work hard to provide a quality product delivered to you on time. Our Quality Assurance Team takes the extra step to assure this by inspecting each part at least two times, once in production and once during packaging.